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Your fleet could save $43,920.00 in fuel costs per year.

Savings are based on the current national average price of diesel of $5.18 per gallon vs ethanol at $2.618 per diesel gallon equivalent, and assume 7 MPG for a typical Class 8 truck.

But fuel cost savings is only
part of the equation....

ClearFlame equips your fleet to slash costs and meet emissions reductions goals, efficiently, quantifiably, and faster than any other available technology.


Lower engine-out soot


Lifecycle reduction in carbon emissions, on a path to net-zero

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ClearFlame's technology modifies heavy-duty engines to run on 100% clean, renewable biofuels like widely-available ethanol.

This empowers fleets to save on fuel costs without changing how engines perform, where they refuel, or how they are serviced.

What You’ll Receive

  • Local fuel prices
  • Cost of conversion
  • Lifetime maintenance
  • And more
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